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In this knowledge base, Mynta Law shares in-depth articles on various topics within migration and nationality law.

Partner visa holders: please be aware of a new IND practice

Pathways Towards NL Permanent Residence for (Prospective) Foreign Students

Which Salary Threshold Applies to Which Highly Skilled Migrant?

Staying in the Netherlands after Divorce

Inchoate Offences: Differences in the United States and the Netherlands

Dutch governmental websites that a residence permit holder should monitor frequently

Possibilities of Dutch nationality planning: dual and multiple citizenships

(Permanent) residence rights for EU diplomats and their (non-EU) family members

Reacquiring Dutch nationality

Residence under Brexit Withdrawal Agreement applications still possible despite IND’s expired 'deadline'

The dreadful issue of residence gap (“verblijfsgat”) and latest positive developments

Dutch partner visa: bits and bobs

Netherlands Visa for Recent British University Graduates

Greater opportunities under the new EU Blue Card Directive 2021/1883

Legal status of the Ukrainian temporary protection permit

Opting for Dutch Nationality as former Dutch national: No One Year Waiting Period for Europeans and UK-citizens with residence under the Withdrawal Agreement

Proposed change to the Dutch Nationality Act scraps possibility to obtain dual nationality – what to do now?

Dual citizenship for new Dutch citizens. Ways to retain your current nationality

Dutch citizenship and acknowledgement of children born out of wedlock

Two Types of Permanent Residence Permits in the Netherlands: This is What You Need to Know About Them

EU long term residence permit despite residence gap

Income requirements and permanent residence

Latest ECJ Judgment: Loss of EU long term stay permit due to absence?

Court of Justice: Holders of "Chavez" residence rights can obtain permanent residence permits

How to get a permanent residence permit as a privileged diplomat in the Netherlands?

Non-EU family members of an EU citizen: how to get a permanent residence permit

Economically inactive visa for long term residents from other EU countries

Hungarian EU long term permit holders: your opportunity to immigrate to the Netherlands

Dutch American Friendship Treaty: a residence permit for American entrepreneurs

Dutch American Friendship Treaty: different forms of business associations in the Netherlands

Who Cannot Benefit from DAFT

Moving to the Netherlands with a Prior Criminal Conviction

Dutch Japanese Commerce & Navigation Treaty: a residence permit for Japanese entrepreneurs

Official documents that you need when immigrating from the US to the Netherlands

How can elderly parents immigrate to the Netherlands (or the European Union)?

Parental Immigration through Human Rights Law - Is It Possible?

Overstay and entry ban: how does it work?

Return decision and its implication

Self-employment visa: work as a self-employed entrepreneur in the Netherlands

Unemployed Highly Skilled Migrants: Nine Options to Extend Your Legal Stay in the Netherlands

Residence permits for polyamorous relationships

How the IND can check for fake relationships

A partner visa without living at the same address

How can a foreign student bring a partner to the Netheralnds?

Revoking a student permit: IND decision reversed and remanded by Court

Working as a Student in the Netherlands

Employment Based Visas in the Netherlands

Uncover the Dutch 30% Ruling

Two common rental issues faced by foreign expats in the Netherlands

Dutch passport vs. Belgian passport: a comparative analysis

Issues pertinent to young children's co-naturalization

No civic integration obligations for family members of an EU citizen

How many Dutch residence statuses can you have at the same time?

The New Integration Act: its impact on permanent residence and Dutch citizenship applications

Certain RANOV permit holders can become Dutch citizens after exemption from documentation requirement

The startup permit: the application in a nutshell

The scientific researcher's permit: the application in a nutshell

The intra corporate transfer (ICT) permit: the application in a nutshell

The cross-border service provider's permit: the application in a nutshell

The internship permit: the application in a nutshell

The highly skilled migrant permit: the application in a nutshell

The European blue card: the application in a nutshell

The independent entrepreneur's permit: the application in a nutshell

The search year permit: the application in a nutshell

Obtaining Dutch citizenship: why it seems impossible for some foreigners. Part 1

What "main residence" is, and why it is important for your right of stay in the Netherlands

Economically inactive residence: how to apply and renew It?

Children of Highly Skilled Migrants: How much tuition should I pay?

An alternative way of acquiring Dutch citizenship