Immigration law for business purposes

You would like to hire foreign staff, and you want to know whether this is possible, and what you need to do to achieve this. As a specialist in Dutch immigration law, Mynta Law is aware of all the possibilities, limitations, and conditions. With our expertise in this area, we can help you with the hiring of foreign employees. Of course, we also prepare and process all necessary applications, and we assist your foreign employees and their families with the practical side of their immigration.

Applications for visas, residence permits, and work permits

From the moment you engage Mynta Law, you, as an employer, are immediately placing the responsibility for your own compliance, together with the supervision of your expat employees in the Netherlands, in good hands. As an independent consultant, and alongside HR managers and executives, we proactively monitor whether your company or organization is compliant or, if not, to identify what specific action may be required. At the same time, of course, there is also a practical side to business immigration; after all, international employees and their families need to proceed through a bureaucratic mill, and that process should be able to run smoothly.

Recognition as a sponsor

As an employer of foreign employees, you can gain recognition as a sponsor by the IND. This has, in itself, practical advantages, but this recognition is mandatory if you wish to employ highly skilled migrants or scientific researchers. Mynta Law can help you with your application for this recognition as sponsor. We will provide you with all the information you need regarding the conditions for recognition, the rights and benefits associated with the status, and about the ongoing obligations to which you will be bound as a recognised sponsor.

Supervision by IND and Inspectorate SZW

The IND monitors compliance with the Immigration Act. The Inspectorate SZW monitors compliance with the Foreigners Employment Act and other labour laws on behalf of the Minister of SZW. If you are faced with inspections and/or control visits, you can turn to Mynta Law for specialized legal assistance. This begins with the supervisor's visit and includes challenging any fines or penalties.

Objection and (higher) Appeals

A significant number of the changes to migration law originate in the courtroom. Effective litigation requires a detailed knowledge of the law, together with considerable resourcefulness and persuasiveness. Mynta Law has all these qualities and extensive litigation experience before the Dutch Immigration Justice, and even the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Fixed rates, so no financial surprises

Whenever possible, Mynta Law applies fixed rates to the handling of a specific case. Our rates are in line with the current market level. Therefore, when engaging Mynta Law, you know in advance what your costs will be.

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