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Nowhere do borders become so tangible as in migration law; after all, many people literally cross the external borders of the Netherlands and the European Union every day. Anyone who works within an international company, as an expat or as an employer, experiences the constant reality of this border. In addition, many encounter this same border in private situations, as international students, international entrepreneurs, or as a member of an international family. Mynta Law is fully dedicated to working with these border issues.

Our clients are very diverse: ranging from Dutch and foreign private individuals to multinationals of global prominence, from long-established family businesses to very young startups. What all our clients have in common is that they need to smoothly cross the borders they experience. Our continuous mission is to allow them to succeed in this effort, and every client, whether small or large, should have the right to expect excellent quality and care from Mynta Law. Whoever our client is, they are always advised independently, in clear and accessible language, and from an in-depth knowledge of our specialisms. We are resourceful, proactive, and goal oriented.

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