Knowledge of Dutch for naturalisation: from A2 to B1 soon?

On 30 May 2024, several Dutch MPs put forward a motion, asking the Dutch Government to increase the required knowledge of Dutch for naturalization from the level of A2 to B1. In response hereto, the State Secretary says that it has not been feasible to increase the language requirement due to lack of funds. However, on 4 June 2024, the Dutch Parliament adopted the motion by a large majority.

If you are contemplating asking for naturalization, it may be sensible to cut the Gordian knot. Some larger city halls (such as, Amsterdam) may have a long waiting list, and it can take months to get an appointment for application submission.  Prior to submitting an application for naturalization, one should check if the parental details have been properly recorded in the BRP population registry. Without such details, a city hall cannot accept the application. You can find more information about how to check your parental details on this site

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