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Approximately 97.6 thousand British nationals reside in the Netherlands. Mynta Law has helped many such nationals secure and maintain their residency. Given our success rate for our British clients, you can be certain that Mynta Law is the right law firm to handle your query. With a detailed knowledge of Dutch and EU migration laws as well as the effect of Brexit on these laws, we handle your application with confidence and care.

Dual Nationality

The Netherlands is very strict when it comes to allowing double (or multiple) nationality, but there are important exceptions. Mynta Law can advise you on these and help you make use of these legal exceptions whenever possible. The purpose of this is often to determine if, in addition to Dutch nationality, you can also retain your other nationality(s).

30% Ruling

Many Brits in the Netherlands benefit from the 30% ruling which grants foreign residents the status of a 'non-resident tax payer'.  Obtaining the 30% ruling can help save Brits hundreds or thousands of pounds a year. Mynta Law can answer your questions pertaining to the application for the 30% ruling and the transfering of the 30% ruling benefit during job changes. 


Brexit has impacted the residence rights of many Brits residing in the Netherlands and Dutch residing in the United Kingdom. Mynta Law has a nuanced understanding of how Brits can continue to invoke the right of residence for themselves and their family members. We can advise on the new rules individuals and companies should be aware of and provide solutions to any problems that have arisen.


Objection and (higher) Appeals

A significant number of the changes to migration law originate in the courtroom. Effective litigation requires a detailed knowledge of the law, together with considerable resourcefulness and persuasiveness. Mynta Law has all these qualities and extensive litigation experience before the Dutch Immigration Justice, and even the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Fixed rates, so no financial surprises

Whenever possible, Mynta Law applies fixed rates to the handling of a specific case. Our rates are in line with the current market level. Therefore, when engaging Mynta Law, you know in advance what your costs will be.

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