You live in the Netherlands for work or study. In that case, you will need to deal with Dutch immigration law, which can sometimes be quite complicated. Mynta Law is well aware of all the various regulations and developments in this field. Our expertise can make a real difference for countless internationals resident in the Netherlands. We provide objective, incisive and expert advice, process residence applications efficiently and carefully, and assist in numerous other immigration law cases.

Applications for residence permits

Mynta Law can mitigate the stress of applying for a residence permit. Each year, we prepare dozens of applications for internationals who want to take up residence in the Netherlands. Initially, we identify all the possibilities in an inventive and solution-oriented yet realistic manner. Having done this, we then compile the application and, naturally, manage it.

Modifications to residence permits

If you already have a residence permit for the Netherlands, you will need to take into account the possible consequences for your right of residence when making personal decisions. Terminating a job or ending a relationship may lead to the withdrawal of your residence permit. Mynta Law helps internationals in the Netherlands steer through these changes in circumstances by ensuring that any modifications to residence permits are completed in a timely manner. We identify possible alternatives and advise on any conditions that may apply. Our knowledge of migration law, coupled with our inventive solutions, enable us to find solutions that other companies may not have found. Naturally, we also manage any necessary applications.

Structure of the right of residence and "residence gaps”

The longer you live in the Netherlands with a residence permit, the stronger your position becomes under Dutch immigration law, and the greater your protection of your right to stay. However, interruptions in your stay, often also referred to as 'residence gaps', will negate your residence structure, and you will therefore want to avoid them. Mynta Law can help you in this area; as specialists, we can – in time - act for you if a gap threatens to occur, taking any appropriate measures. We will ensure that a new residence application is submitted on time and that your lawful residence in the Netherlands is not interrupted.

Assistance with the withdrawal of (or intention to withdraw) residence permits

The IND conducts regular checks to ensure that all conditions of a residence permit are still being met. If the IND finds non-compliance, they can withdraw a residence permit. Mynta Law has extensive experience in successfully challenging such revocation decisions. If you are confronted with the revocation of your residence permit, be assured that Mynta Law is able to effectively assist you.

Objection and (higher) Appeals

A significant number of the changes to migration law originate in the courtroom. Effective litigation requires a detailed knowledge of the law, together with considerable resourcefulness and persuasiveness. Mynta Law has all these qualities and extensive litigation experience before the Dutch Immigration Justice, and even the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Fixed rates, so no financial surprises

Wherever possible, Mynta Law applies fixed rates to the handling of a specific case. Our rates are in line with the current market level. Therefore, on engaging Mynta Law, you know in advance what your costs will be.

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