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Within the Netherlands and abroad, Mynta Law has an excellent reputation as running a very knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere immigration and nationality law practice. We are thorough in our analysis of your question, realistic in our advice, and very goal-oriented in everything we do. If you choose Mynta Law for your immigration or nationality case, then you can expect your case to be in good hands.

Why buy legal expertise?

You are not obliged to hire a lawyer to handle your application for a residence permit, to request Dutch citizenship, or even to dispute government decisions in court. You are entitled to handle all these affairs without representation, and you may assign any person as your representative. You do not choose to buy legal expertise because you have to, but because you want to.

The stakes in immigration and nationality law are high. Companies acting in breach of immigration rules risk severe penalties, future exclusion from immigration policies, and significant reputational damage. For individuals, mistakes can mean the termination of a legal right of stay. These consequences illustrate that you have good reasons for wanting your case to be handled with care.

Why Mynta Law?

A specialist law firm can act more effectively than an office that does not specialize in immigration law, but rather handles immigration cases alongside other types of cases. Immigration and nationality law are specific fields characterised by the existence of many detailed rules, restrictions, and exceptions. Finally, the laws and practices are constantly evolving as a consequence of court cases and adaptations to laws and regulations. Mynta Law, being a specialist law firm within these fields of expertise, is well acquainted with all these laws, and can use this knowledge, whereas a law practitioner with a more general background is often less effective.

Knowledge base – specialized knowledge

To give an indication of our specialization we regularly publish in-depth articles on our website. All these articles can be found in the section “knowledge base”. We regularly update the articles in the knowledge base, ensuring we provide the most up-do-date information. We kindly invite you to browse a few of these articles to form your own opinion.

LegalScore – what do clients say?

Mynta Law works with LegalScore, a review tool for the legal services profession. After the conclusion of your case, we will ask you to provide a public review of your experience. You can indicate your general rating (from one to five stars), as well as specific ratings for communication, knowledgeability, result, and after care. Your review will be published immediately and automatically on our website. We will, of course, use your feedback to improve ourselves.

We keep our knowledge up-to-date

The specialist handling your case must retain up-to-date knowledge of the legal developments. This is why all staff members of Mynta Law regularly attend professional courses by educational institutions such as Stichting Migratierecht Nederland and Grensoverschrijdend Werken. Within our office we hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss all the latest developments. Team members of Mynta Law are also often giving courses about their expertise.

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